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In the Park





Though this may sound sudden to start with, I occasionally work in the park these days.

When I was working for a company in Nakameguro, Tokyo, for 2 years until the last April, I was always stuck in the office. So, in the lunch time I used to step outside and stroll along the Nakameguro river, breathing deeply, for a change of air (or an escape from the reality?). With all the blinds pulled down hiding the sky, and working under such circumstance staring at the PC screen all through the day, I believe everybody would feel the same. Wouldn’t they?

Even so, when it comes to translating, it often requires the internet connection to search for the background information or so, and, for that reason, I have basically been working at home since I became a freelancer. Yet, depending on the type of jobs and their schedule, it doesn’t quite matter where I work. If the weather allows on that occasion, I can put the notebook pc in my bag, buy a cup of coffee and some bread, go to the park and take a seat on the bench, start working slow and easy, admiring the autumn leaves if in this season. What would myself previously working as a company employee say if he saw himself working in the park?

It’s been 6 months since I started working on a freelance basis. Though this may be just a little thing, and I’m way too far from where I’m aiming to be yet, now it feels deeply fine with the choice I made.


  1. marpy marpy

    more than 2 years later… what’s your story?
    you have a really nice blog <:

  2. bridgeman bridgeman

    Thanks for your surprising comment! I have been trying to drag myself from being lazy to write, time to time. One of my objectives for the next year should be this.

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