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Bridgeman, the Magical Scrivener @ Tempest Marché (Closed)





※イベント当日の看板(上の写真):イラストレーションは『山鳩舎』のちかさん、デザイン(+イーゼル)は『古道具 燕』の北谷さん

“The Magical Scrivener” finished successfully (?) yesterday.

There is no doubt that I could manage to hang on for 1 week thanks to the help from the people around and uniqueness of my typewriter, and I was awkwardly wandering around like a caterpillar suddenly dug out of the ground to the sunlit surface, being restless during the period. Yet, so thankful that I could have an opportunity to talk with many new people and be part of the “Tempest Marché” stuff.

Yesterday, the last day of the event, I also received lovely translation requests such as some lines from “Kougei no Michi” written by Muneyoshi Yanagi, an extempore verse and, though this is precisely not a translation, a letter to a baby to be born in days to come in English, all of which made me fall for translation even more. A million thanks to everyone.

*the signboard displayed during the event (the above photo): illustrated by Chika-san (Yamabatosha), and designed by (and the easel burrowed from) Kitaya-san (Kodogu Tsubakuro)




Photos: Furuta-san (Tobo Nanakusa) and Ogasawara-san (Françoise Sekken Kobo)

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