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今回は『古道具 燕』の北谷さんのご厚意で、燕の「だからばこ」出店に混ぜてもらい、店主北谷さん、『山鳩舎』のナベさんとチカさん、『niemi』のミサキさんとともに出品。




Yesterday and today, I took part in an event called “Dakarabako” held in Matsumoto.

——————————Taken from the Facebook page——————————-

Things which used to be treasures.

Things which are no longer my treasures,
but might be so for the others.

“I got it BECAUSE (DAKARA)..”, “I couldn’t throw it away BECAUSE (DAKARA)..”,
“I’d like you to handle it with care BECAUSE (DAKARA)..”

This is a 2-day flea market given by Matsumoto’s individual shop owners and their customers with “DAKARABAKO” filled with “Not Treasures (TAKARA) but BECAUSE (DAKARA)” displayed in front of their shops.

Through the favour of Kitaya-san, I joined Tsubakuro‘s “DAKARABAKO” together with him, the Tsubakuro owner, Nabe-san and Chika-san (Yamabatosha), and Misaki-san (niemi) to sell items.

Yet, what I prepared for my box mostly consisted of old flowerpots taken from my home, and the others were a magazine about studying abroad that I had bought before going to Ireland; a mini fossil-collection set (made in China), which I couldn’t remember who gave to me; some hangers with some characters printed on that I might have used in my childhood, etc., all of which seemed quite out-of-place compared with other member’s items.

On the second day, anyway, there came a family with a boy looking like a junior high student hanging a violin case on his back, and as listening to them, I found out that the boy was going to study abroad in Ireland in a few days. When they were leaving, I recommended the magazine to the boy and he bought it more excitedly than I expected him to be, which was the moment I fully realized how beautiful the event was. How could I expect something like that (all of the flowerpots were eventually sold too)?

In the evening of the second day, I joined monkava‘s pre-open-party for the standing bar space and completion-party for “DAKARABAKO”, held at monkava. With good food and drinks, listening to stories of people with fruitful life experience, it was such a rich evening.

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