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I am moving to Italy on the 31 of March 2017.

It’s been 5 months since my wife, with whom I have got married in last October, went back to her own country ahead of me and now, with everything all set, I am moving to Italy. Though I am coming back to Japan after a year or so even if not moving back, my mobile will no longer be reached, so if anything, please contact me through pc emailing, Facebook, etc.

Since I came back to my hometown, Matsumoto, from Tokyo to start my own business as a freelance translator, 3 years have passed, and I feel that I could spend such a fruitful time meanwhile. Above all, I feel blessed for all the encounters with respectable people, and that I could spend time with them. I will truly miss those friends, who threw farewell parties and grieve for my departure, who just keep talking dirty rather than grieving at the farewell party, and who can stay up until 4 AM talking about umimportant things over drinks. Yet, since this is spring now, I would like to put myself into a new environment and see different things, visit different places and meet different people (and do some exercise as well so I wouldn’t get fatter than now).

Once things get settled down, I will keep you posted on recent news regularly, somehow. I appreciate your never-fading support for me and my wife!



Photo (in the body text) taken by Keigo a.k.a. Waddy

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  1. marpy marpy

    haven’t heard from you in a while.. how are you doing Koji? <:

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