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Matsumoto Furuichi #01

日ごろからお世話になっている《古道具 燕》の北谷さんが、今週末の4/19(日)、古いものが集う市場『まつもと古市(ふるいち)』を開催します。



On April 19th this weekend, Kitaya-san (Furudōgu Zubakuro), by whom I’m often supported, is taking place a market called “Matsumoto Furuichi“, where you will find a collection of old articles.

This time, the market consists of 9 old articles shops mostly from Nagano, including niemi, run by Misaki-san who has run the whole half-marathon course the other day, and is to be held monthly hereafter. The location is set at Matsumoto Castle Otemon Masugata-ato Park, the time, from 10am to 4pm.

In order to give root to the flea market among Matsumoto people’s daily lives and familialize them with old articles, Kitaya-san has always been seeming busying himself lately; how could it be not an exciting event? It is highly recommended to visit the memorial 1st “Matsumoto Furuichi”.


Kitaya-san on the phone in his shop

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