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Good Old Days





※記事内の写真:古道具 燕の北谷さん

The school, at which I studied translation every day and every night: Fellow Academy.

Though having never expected this when I used to commute from the apartment in Komae to the school in Aoyama Itchome Station, I was interviewed for their website recently. Merely a short article, but I would like to share it here.

The memories of my university days are hanging out with my friends, working part-time, watching rental videos and playing TV games, etc., while the memories of my Fellow Academy days are studying hard, actively and pleasantly, with occasional drink out at the nearby Spanish bar with my friends.

Nowhere near from where I aim for yet, but I should try to keep on, reminding myself of the original purpose.

*Accompanied photo in the article was taken by Kitaya-san from Furudougu Tsubakuro

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