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Yamabato Group Meeting


集合場所はの北谷さんのお宅で、集まったのは山鳩舎のチカさん・ナベさん、niemiのミサキさん、monkavaのミヤさんとThree Little Song Birdsの阿久津さん。



Last night, I joined Yamabato (Rufous Turtledove) Group for a hot-pot party…correction…a meeting.

It was taken place at Kitaya-san (Tsubakuro)’s house, with Chika-san and Nabe-san (Yamabatosha), Misaki-san (niemi), and Miya-san (monkava) and Akutsu-san (Three Little Song Birds).

Finishing the day’s work and getting on the bus, I saw the nighttime road full of thousands of cars heavily jammed up. I was in a hurry to arrive at the place falling behind the agreed time, but was actually the first one to arrive, so I felt bashful finding myself to be not yet accustomed to what time means in Matsumoto. Anyway, Nabe-san and then Misaki-san, Matsumoto’s best prospective bride, arrived; and as having special soy milk hot-pot prepared by Misaki-san, the other members too started showing up one by one.

As the meeting-with-the-hot-pot rolling on relaxedly, I asked Chika-san, who was in charge of the cover illustration of BRUTUS (No.785), for her autograph on the cover of that BRUTUS I had bought and brought with me as I had been told that she would join the meeting. And she even drew a portrait of me based on the bear! How blessed I was.. Then, as the evening deepened, without knowing when nor why, the portrait session began and, with a series of masterpieces, weird pieces and controversial pieces produced, the meeting went on until the dawn without running out of laughter.




Illustration above and in the cover image: Yamaguchi (photos provided by Miya-san and Chika-san. My apology to Chika-san for using it without your consent)

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