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My First Job


ご依頼主は松本市のガレット専門店『monkava』さんで、内容はメニューの日英翻訳。きっかけは先月、地元に戻ってきてから知り合った『niemi』の高山さんのご紹介。そのまたきっかけは、『Chez Momo』の蒔田さんと『古道具 燕』の北谷さんが「サクラCAMP」に誘ってくれたこと。皆さま、感謝してます。どうもありがとうございました。



The other day (now it’s been a little while, though), I received my first job as a freelance translator.

The client is monkava, a galette restaurant in Matsumoto, and the text to translate was their menu, from Japanese to English. It all started with Takayama (niemi)’s introducing me to the restaurant, and that had started from Maita (Chez Momo)- and Kitaya (Kodogu Tsubakuro)’s inviting me to an event called ‘Sakura CAMP’. I greatly appreciate all your help. Thank you so much.

As I have never translated restaurant menu before, there were several challenges encountered, such as finding how to translate its particular way of sayings or each menu name, etc. Yet, it also felt fresh and joyful, and I learned something new once again. Now, my heart leaps up picturing some foreigners ordering looking at the menu I translated (picturing them, on the other hand, being troubled with the menu in their hands squeezes my heart, though..).

It’s only just begun.


  1. marty marty

    hello Bridgeman!
    All of that sounds like a promising adventure!
    Wish all your way will be as sweet as a vanilla galette c:
    Ganbatte kudasai!

    • Thank you very much Marty. I’m also wishing you all the best on your fighting!

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