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Lisa Hannigan – Martha

オリジナルはTom Waits(1stアルバムの『Closing Time』に収録)で、こちらはアイルランド出身のLisa Hanniganによるカバー(ピアノ演奏はCormac Curran)。オリジナルで聴いたときは、自分のリスニング力の乏しさにトム独特の歌い方も手伝ってか、はっきり歌詞が聞き取れず、歌のよさもわかっていなかったけれど、リサが歌う”Martha”で初めてそのすばらしさを知り、より深く理解したい衝動で翻訳してみたらさらに好きになった、そんな一曲。

Originally by Tom Waits (included in his 1st album, “Closing Time”), and here it is covered by an Irish singer, Lisa Hannigan (and Cormac Curran on the piano). When I listened to Tom singing this, it was too difficult for me to understand the lyrics clearly, due to the lack of my listening comprehension, and probably also his particular way of singing; but listening to Lisa’s “Martha”, I came to realize for the first time how beautiful the song was, and fell for it even more deeply after translating it by impulse to get to the bottom of its meaning.

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